Is this the hand of God?

309f184700000578-3419473-image-a-157_1453913928872No. It’s a cloud formation at sunset.

Believers want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to God. On one hand they see the vastness of the universe or the beauty of the world and nature and attribute it to an ultimate creator. He’s all knowing, all powerful, all seeing. And on the other hand, he’s a giant human being in the sky. He has a red glowing fist apparently threatening us (as in the photo). Or maybe he’s a big giant hand in a star cluster.

We know from the Bible that God can come down and eat dinner with Abraham (Genesis 18). He can carve the 10 commandments into stone with his finger (Exodus 20) – twice (Exodus 34). He can smell our animal sacrifices to him (Genesis 8:21). He sits on a throne in heaven (Psalms 47:8). You can infer he has a penis based on the fact that we are calling God ‘him’. He even has a son so he’s a father.

Many atheists pride themselves with saying things like (like in this exchange), “I don’t know there’s no God. I just haven’t seen any evidence to prove there is one.” But I go further than that. I know there is no god because the concept itself is very obviously a human concoction. And I base my assertion on the evidence. I am only told the characteristics of these god by other people and their supposed holy books. In the past, the gods all had jobs to do – grow crops, make it rain, make the sun rise, make a woman fertile, etc. Then some humans decided there were too many gods so we narrowed it down to one God. He’s the ultimate God. He’s so tough if you go against him he punishes you in a ridiculously powerful way – forever! I don’t have all the answers when it comes to why we are here or how we got here. There is still a lot to learn but the simplest and dumbest answer I believe is: “He’s a lot like us – only bigger, better, stronger and smarter!”

So when you see a big cloud formation that looks like a fist, go ahead and call it your God. But just realize in doing so, you are making my case and simultaneously denigrating your own.