Where did the writers of the Bible think Heaven was?

heavenI hear a lot of debate and discussion claiming people can reconcile the Bible and science. Many claim they can do it. I’m not so sure. I’ve noticed that as scientific knowledge increases, religions attempt to either co-opt the findings or deny them.

Ask any believer today where they think heaven is. Every believer I’ve asked told me it’s either in another dimension or some hidden realm – somewhere that’s inaccessible to our scientific instruments.

But what if I asked that question of believers 3,000 years ago? Would they answer, “Heaven is in another dimension”? It’s conjecture but I would venture to guess, based on my reading of popular holy books, they would say heaven is above the sky. After all, the tower of Babel was in danger of reaching heaven, manna fell from heaven and Jesus ascended into heaven. Now how could all of that happen in another dimension? The stories all claim it happened right here on earth in front of eyewitnesses.

Believers are forced to twist themselves into knots to keep the holy books true in light of evidence to the contrary. I have a hypothesis that the people who wrote the Bible wrote it with exactly the amount of scientific knowledge that humanity possessed at that time and God didn’t tell them to write anything to the contrary. If we wrote a holy book today, would we write that heaven is above the sky? No; we would write that heaven is in another dimension. And who is going to argue with us? God?


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