Is Hell perfect?

perfecthellWe are told that God is perfect. Let’s assume it’s true and do a thought experiment. Imagine the creator god of another universe who was starting from scratch creating his universe. And imagine this second god was perfect. Furthermore assume that this second perfect creator god was going to create sentient beings capable of worship but also having the free will to reject this second perfect creator god.

Now, ask yourself this:

What if the sentient worshipful beings failed to live up to the standards of this second perfect creator god? Is this second perfect creator god obliged by his perfection to create Hell?

The obvious answer is yes because perfection is a standard upon which there can be no deviation. 2 perfect beings must necessarily perform equivalent activities. Otherwise one would be slightly less than perfect. Of any specific endeavor, only one approach can be perfect.

There couldn’t be a better system of judgment than an eternal torture chamber for those who disbelieve? I’m not perfect but I can see very clearly that this is a less than perfect system. This system as defined doesn’t even try to have redeeming qualities. It’s merely unjust punishment. Is this the best a perfect god can come up with?


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