Were there carnivorous plants before Noah’s flood?

vftAsk Ken Ham or Creation Ministries about life before Noah’s flood and they’ll tell you that all life was vegetarian. It was only after their sin that animals would kill each other to survive and eat.

But what about carnivorous plants? There are about 600 species of carnivorous plants according to scientists. But they specifically eat animals. They aren’t vegetarian themselves. So what did they eat before the fall?

It’s funny to listen to creationists tying themselves in knots trying to explain these issues. A funny one is why lions have sharp teeth when all they ate were plants. I never doubt they’ll have an explanation though. Let me go look. Be right back.

Wow I couldn’t find anything about it. Maybe Ken Ham didn’t think of carnivorous plants. I’ll assume that the devil made the carnivorous plants after the fall. He seems to take the blame for the gaps in God’s plan.

PS…Ok on further searching I found one article on it. It sounds like they didn’t need to eat yet until the fall, if I’m reading this right:

“The Venus flytrap raises the broader question relating to the period of time before the Fall of Man: For how long was the animal kingdom, and insectivorous plants in particular, vegetarian? Creationists are generally inclined to think that it may have been as little as a few weeks, perhaps a year at most. The Scripture is read as a continuing narrative and it is assumed that the temptation in the Garden took place almost immediately after the creation of Eve. Further, there is no mention of any children and, making the unsaid assumption that the relationship between Adam and Eve was the same as would be expected today between a naked couple in paradise, it is argued that the Fall took place not more than a month or so after the creation of Eve. We need to return to the Scripture to get a better estimate of the more probable time interval.”


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