Month: February 2016

Were there carnivorous plants before Noah’s flood?

vftAsk Ken Ham or Creation Ministries about life before Noah’s flood and they’ll tell you that all life was vegetarian. It was only after their sin that animals would kill each other to survive and eat.

But what about carnivorous plants? There are about 600 species of carnivorous plants according to scientists. But they specifically eat animals. They aren’t vegetarian themselves. So what did they eat before the fall?

It’s funny to listen to creationists tying themselves in knots trying to explain these issues. A funny one is why lions have sharp teeth when all they ate were plants. I never doubt they’ll have an explanation though. Let me go look. Be right back.

Wow I couldn’t find anything about it. Maybe Ken Ham didn’t think of carnivorous plants. I’ll assume that the devil made the carnivorous plants after the fall. He seems to take the blame for the gaps in God’s plan.

PS…Ok on further searching I found one article on it. It sounds like they didn’t need to eat yet until the fall, if I’m reading this right:

“The Venus flytrap raises the broader question relating to the period of time before the Fall of Man: For how long was the animal kingdom, and insectivorous plants in particular, vegetarian? Creationists are generally inclined to think that it may have been as little as a few weeks, perhaps a year at most. The Scripture is read as a continuing narrative and it is assumed that the temptation in the Garden took place almost immediately after the creation of Eve. Further, there is no mention of any children and, making the unsaid assumption that the relationship between Adam and Eve was the same as would be expected today between a naked couple in paradise, it is argued that the Fall took place not more than a month or so after the creation of Eve. We need to return to the Scripture to get a better estimate of the more probable time interval.”


‘God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq’

Hearing-God-400x400I get pretty nervous when I hear politicians talking about what they heard from God. It’s really sad we can’t use the scientific method in religion. It would be so easy to disprove these words from God. Here’s how you could do the experiment. Get any number of believers in a room who said they got a word from God and as soon as any of them disagree on a specific point, you can determine that one of them isn’t hearing from God. Or when one of them claims that God told him/her to run for president and they are one of the earliest candidates to drop out, you can at least infer a possibility that they weren’t hearing from God. Or maybe God wanted them to get bigger speaking fees or a show on Fox. In that case maybe he did tell them to run.

So today I happened across this video with Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz and megachurch pastor Kenneth Copeland. Rafael was recalling the events preceding the decision for Ted to run for president. It was a 2 hour marathon prayer session wherein Ted’s wife heard the voice of God. See the details below.

He said that after the church service, the family gathered in the pastor’s office. There, they spent two hours “on their knees” in prayer before the senator’s wife said something that triggered the final decision.

“I remember the final word came from Ted’s wife, from Heidi, and the word from the Lord was, ‘Seek My face, not My hand,'” Cruz said. “And I’ll tell you, as that word came—’Seek My face, not My hand’—it was as if a cloud of the Holy Spirit descended on that room. And all of a sudden we were all worshiping.

“And the words that came out from Ted’s mouth were, ‘Here am I, Lord, use me. Let Your will be done.’ It was total brokenness, and I’ll tell you, I believe that God has raised him up for such a time as this.”

Now, in Ted’s defense, he didn’t say he heard the “word from the Lord” but he was certainly an active participant in this prayer meeting. He’s also clearly a very intelligent man who knows that even in a vastly Christian country like the US, people get nervous when candidates claim to be hearing voices.

I’ve been around believers my whole life and I know most of them can distinguish where the natural world ends and the supernatural world begins at least in their daily activities. They can successfully navigate the world, hold jobs, etc. But in my mind the risk has to be taken into account in the voting booth as to whether this new president is going to act in a way that is deleterious to our country “because God told him to.” Believers definitely do think they are hearing from God in some manner, even if not audibly.

Case in point: George W Bush had a revelation from God about the war in Iraq. Apparently God was fully on board with this debacle. In the interim we have learned what a disaster that war has been to the security and stability of the United States. There is a real case to be made that we have destabilized that region, empowered Isis to fill the vacuum, empowered Iran by empowering the Shia majority in Iraq, and put our nation on a disastrous financial footing. So Jeb Bush’s ridiculous answer (about knowing what we now know he would still go to war with Iraq)notwithstanding, was God the best foreign policy advisor President Bush had at that time? George W Bush was asked by Bob Woodward at the time if he had gotten advice from his earthly father George HW Bush and famously responded that he had a “higher father that I appeal to.”

Another telling sign of Mr Bush’s religion was his answer to Mr Woodward’s question on whether he had asked his father – the former president who refused to launch a full-scale invasion of Iraq after driving Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991 – for advice on what to do.

The current President replied that his earthly father was “the wrong father to appeal to for advice … there is a higher father that I appeal to”.

So my concern isn’t merely that we have a believer in the White House. Every president we have had at least claimed to be a Christian. My concern is for the true believers who are acting with the largest economy and military in the world acting on God’s behalf. Because I’m not voting for God’s foreign policy. He’s got a pretty piss poor track record.