Why does God need angels?

hologramToday I was listening to the audio book by Dr. Richard Carrier called “On the historicity of Jesus” and he was discussing definitions and that he would be calling angels and demons “gods” (lower case g). This reminded me. Many times, I think about the gods concept regarding Satan. He’s a god whether people call him that or not. He’s in all of our heads tempting us. He’s intruding on nature. He’s creating cancer and viruses, etc. And to round out our list of Gods, we have the Trinity (the three in one God-head).

So the first logical progression is that although people call themselves monotheists, it seems semantic pretzel twisting to see their spiritual beliefs as anything other than polytheism with 1 highest God, otherwise known as monolatry.

And finally that leads to a question. Why don’t we simply have monotheism in the strictest sense? Why does an all powerful God need an army of minions? After all, the created angels who turned on him became the devil and his demons.

And even if the angels didn’t turn evil, what’s the point of the good angels? Is there work to be done in heaven? “Gabriel, do you mind taking out the trash please?”

The cultural religious beliefs relegate many tasks to the angels. Everyone has a guardian angel. Whenever we hear a bell an angel gets his wings and so on. But why would God make these created angels immortal? And where do the guardian angels’ tasks end and the Holy Spirit’s tasks begin? The Holy Spirit (one member of the Trinity) is omnipresent. For the times in the Bible that humans needed angels to tell them things (the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where they visited Lot and when they had to warn Joseph that Mary, although pregnant, was still a virgin) could have been done via holograms like we see in Star Wars movies. He could just create a temporary “angel” and have it disappear after the angel’s task is done.

It seems to me that an all powerful God who can create a vast universe with magical incantations shouldn’t need millions or billions of helpers on one tiny planet in the corner of one galaxy of in a sea of billions of galaxies. In fact, take note of the consequences. Because God needed someone to help him with his chores, we got Satan and Hell as a result.


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