Was Jesus illiterate or just lazy?

hebrew-Scroll-TorahAssume the Bible gospels are true and Jesus was a historical figure who walked the earth and rose from the dead.

And for those who don’t recognize the name, L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of The Church of Scientology (arguably the most recent new successful religion).

During his lifetime on earth, L. Ron Hubbard wrote over 1,000 books. In fact, he’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most published and translated books of any human being ever. That is extremely impressive.

Now, let’s talk about Jesus’ accomplishments in the literary field. A naïve person might answer that Jesus wrote the Bible and it’s a bigger seller than L. Ron Hubbard. But Jesus left the story of his life to be written by others. He didn’t personally write anything.

We don’t have even a single note with one word on it written by Jesus while he walked the earth. He let himself be outdone by L. Ron Hubbard! Imagine the autobiography Jesus could have written. Wow, it could have been amazing. All about growing up as God in human form. What it’s like to have pain for the first time ever. How disgusting our toilet practices are. He could have written about germs and how important it was to wash your hands to avoid spreading diseases. Where he was going when he floated into the sky. And on an on. He could have written volumes.

Instead we get second and third hand accounts of his life where the majority of the content is about the last week of his life.

It just doesn’t make sense (unless of course he wasn’t God or didn’t exist).


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