SETI: The search for extraterrestrial intelligence

04073978-photo-seti-logoStraw men are common in arguments. A solid piece of advice is to go after an opponent’s best argument and topple that rather than create a straw man to topple.

One of the favorite straw men of theists is that scientists conspired to pretend that various scientific theories are true because they are atheists who don’t want to believe in God. But in making such claims they undercut their own agenda.

It’s complete and utter nonsense to believe that scientists wouldn’t be ecstatic to find evidence of God. I don’t know a single atheist who wouldn’t point his telescope at the sky if God was up there somewhere making himself visible.

Case in point, we are actively searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. We spend a good deal of money scouring the skies for any signal there is someone else out there in the universe besides us. And by definition, God would be extraterrestrial intelligence.

If God wrote some decipherable message in DNA claiming “I am Yahweh, I created all of you!” scientists would be thrilled and amazed.

I think where theists get confused is when they hear atheists (like me) talk about what a ludicrous monster the God of the Bible is and we would rather live under Kim Jung Un than that God. At least we could escape a dictator by dying. But atheists know that the Bible is an ancient book written by people claiming to describe God. It’s not actually God.

So I’m making a plea here to theists to come up with some good arguments and evidence and stop maligning the motives of scientists. Pray to your God to show himself. We’d all like to see him.


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