It is immoral for Christians to have children

hell_quote_3If hell is real, then avoiding it is all we should be concerned with in life. All other forms of human endeavor pale in comparison to everlasting torture. I don’t think Christians realize how long eternity is. I like to think of it by these two descriptions of big numbers. The first is Graham’s number which is said to be the largest number ever used in a calculation. The second is a quote from “Immortality” by Stephen Cave.

“Forever is not just a long time – it is much, much more than that. A million years is a long time. A million million even longer. But if I filled this book with a million zeroes, then wrote a million more books just like it, that number would not be halfway to the length of eternity. Or even a millionth of the way there. For no matter how long you lived, how many millions or trillions of years, that would still be a tiny fraction of the infinite life still ahead of you. An infinitely tiny fraction. That is an awesome prospect.”

One of the reasons that evolution is still controversial for Christians, I believe, is that it’s easier to believe that God poofed everything into existence exactly as we see it than to comprehend the enormity of what gradual change over a billion years looks like when we most of us barely reach 80. We throw around “eternal” reward or punishment without thinking of the length of time that represents.

I can’t comprehend these vast numbers any easier than a Christian can – we are both still human. But what I do know if that if it existed and eternal torture was a possibility, then as I say above, this should envelop all of our thinking. This is one reason atheists should be sympathetic to Christians trying to convert them. At least they are concerned about your pending eternal torture.

So let’s assume hell exists and disbelief sends you there and see where that leads logically. First, anyone who has children is risking them going to hell. In spite of your best indoctrination, if they look at the lack of evidence, they might just end up becoming an atheist which would doom them to hell. Even the most infinitesimal chance isn’t worth the risk of eternal damnation. And knowing this and still having children is immoral.

There is a branch of Christianity called “Calvinism” which includes a belief in predestination which states that God decides human eternal destination before they are born (or conceived). I think if you believe in an omniscient God (one who knows everything in the future) and who has planned everything in advance, that the only justifiable argument is predestination. So given that, it’s immoral not to use birth control or if birth control isn’t available, it’s immoral to have heterosexual sex. Don’t risk conception at all. Because even your miscarriage might result in that person being eternally damned. The only logical option is to go extinct as a species. Leave earth for those without souls. Mass extinction is the best case scenario for humanity under Calvinism. It’s the only apparent way to limit inhabitants of God’s torture chamber.

But let’s assume Calvinism isn’t true but that there is an “age of accountability” at which a child becomes responsible for their actions and thus subject to eternal reward or punishment. Apparently, Catholic’s believe the age of accountability is 7. Well here’s where you get into the really hideous implications of religious dogma. The best logical thing you can do is murder your own children before the age of accountability. Think about it, they have this short life by any measure here on earth and face eternal torture in the afterlife (and look at those large number links above to get a taste of how long that is).

So someone like Andrea Yates who drowned her five children was doing a good thing:

She told her jail psychiatrist: “It was the seventh deadly sin. My children weren’t righteous. They stumbled because I was evil. The way I was raising them, they could never be saved. They were doomed to perish in the fires of hell.” She also told her jail psychiatrist that Satan influenced her children and made them more disobedient.

Now you might think I’m going out on a limb and being ridiculous with this line of thinking but listen to what a top Christian apologist William Lane Craig of says in defending God’s command to kill all who breathed in the Old Testament.

If Calvinism isn’t true but there is an age of accountability and God’s genocide sends children to heaven, then the absolute best thing you can do is get pregnant as many times as possible and abort all the pregnancies. This makes your uterus a launchpad to heaven. It’s the only sure-fire way to make sure that your offspring will get to heaven and avoid jail by murdering your less than 7 year old children.

To reiterate, I think this line of thinking is despicable but for me it’s the natural logical course given 2 supposed truths: (1) that hell exists and is eternal conscious torture and disbelief sends you there and (2) that God’s commands of genocide of children in the Old Testament were a beeline to heaven.

If this is God’s plan, what makes him good and Satan evil? What a monstrous concept this hell idea is. If there are god(s), thank them that Yahweh is myth and his torture chamber doesn’t exist.


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