Pharoah so-and-so

2000px-Pharaoh.svgAlthough we are told by Christians that the Bible is not only inerrant but it’s a perfect historical account, try looking for corroborating evidence. It’s almost impossible to find for most of the scriptures. After awhile you start to wonder if it’s intentionally fuzzy so it can’t be corroborated. Or maybe the writers were simply making up their own history. How could they possibly know that 3,000 years later, we would have the technology to look back over history and find the gaps in their stories.

Case in point, when you are reading about the Pharaoh’s of Egypt in the Bible, you almost never know who they are. They are simply called “Pharaoh.” It would be as if the Bible was written now and President Obama was holding Jewish slaves and Moses wrote about him as, “And then I told President that Yahweh demands you let his people go.” And President responded, “Never!”

When I was a child being told these stories of the Pharaohs, I just remember thinking they were exciting stories. The killings, the plagues, the escape from Egypt. It didn’t occur to me until I was an adult that they almost never use the Pharaoh’s actual names.

If you research the issue, apologists have tried to line up who would have been Pharaoh at the time with when they think the Bible was written. But then you might also find that there is really no archaeological evidence for the massive Egyptian enslavement of the Israelites. Which I suspect is part of the reason the details are sketchy.

It would make the Bible more believable if there were secular sources that corroborated the Biblical accounts. The fact that there almost never are is a clue.


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